Business Intelligence Development Studio

Business intelligence development studio is a visual studio development environment that has been created by Microsoft. This software is a Microsoft visual studio 2008 that allows the user to create business intelligence solutions using the different objects provided by the software. The user interface of the business intelligence development studio has one of the most friendly user interfaces created by Microsoft which comes with a solution Explorer, so that the user can manage, view and modify numerous projects in a single window.

The solution Explorer is one of the main features of theĀ Business Intelligence Development Studio that presents a proactive solution for numerous projects taking into consideration the different objects and items associated with the projects. The user can then open the different items of the projects to modify them and perform the managerial tasks required on the projects. Since the different types of projects will require different ways of storing the items, the user can change the folder structure of the solution Explorer. The solution Explorer is one of the most flexible features of the software allowing the user to create several empty solutions in which the user can subsequently add existing or new projects.

Business Intelligence Development Studio

The solution Explorer also allows the user to create a new project without creating a solution and the user can choose to seek an automatic business intelligence solution from Business Intelligence Development Studio. In case the automatic business intelligence solution provided by the software includes different projects the user interface provides a tree view of the objects in which the user can expand or decrease the environment node. For example the dimensions node might include the analysis service project similarly the packages node might include the integration services project.

The properties window is another popular and most utilized feature of the software. The property window is used by the user to list the various properties of a given object in any project. Users can use this feature to change and view the properties of different objects in the project such as packages. The different objects in the projects can be viewed and edited using designers and the editors provided in the software. Similarly the user can utilize the properties window feature to view and edit the properties of the solutions, project and folder.

The toolbox window is an important feature included in the software which provides a display of numerous items that are more commonly used to develop business intelligence solutions. The toolbox provides different items and tabs depending on the editor designer that is currently being used by the user. In the default mode the general tab is always displayed by the toolbox window and if customized, it can display different types of tabs like data flow sources, control flow items, report items and maintenance tasks.

The designer window provided in the software can be used to modify and create different objects in the projects as well as create different objects in the business intelligence solutions. The designer window can be used in both design view as well as code view making the feature extremely flexible and increasing the functionality of the software.


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