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Business Intelligence Development Studio

Business intelligence development studio is a visual studio that has been developed by Microsoft and released in the year 2008. Business intelligence development studio has additional project types which have been made specific to the business intelligence of SQL Server in comparison to earlier versions of Microsoft visual studio. The business intelligence development studio essentially provides a primary environment to the user so that the user can develop different business solutions which can include integration services, analysis services as well as projects of reporting services.

Every project type in the development studio supplies different templates which can be used to create the objects that are necessary for the business intelligence solutions. Each project type also comes with a variety of tools, designers as well as helpful wizards for the user to work with the different objects. The business intelligence development studio is a development environment of 32 bit for integration services and analysis services however it has not been designed to run on the 64-bit architecture Itanium and hence cannot be installed on the servers of Itanium.

Business Intelligence Development Studio

Despite theĀ Business Intelligence Development Studio being a Microsoft visual studio, the 2010 version of Microsoft visual studio does not support this development environment. The Microsoft visual studio 2010 does not support the reporting services, integration and analysis services on different SQL servers such as the SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008.

The business intelligence development studio is one of the most user-friendly development environments created by Microsoft. When the user opens the software the start page appears in the centre of the user interface and the start page displays a comprehensive list of help topics, projects that have been recently updated, articles to help the user with the technicalities of the software, websites and other useful resources. The start page also provides several links to Microsoft event information and links to updates available for the product. The user can also receive a list of articles and information from several RSS feeds of different websites. If the user opens an object in the software the designer which the user will be using, it appears in the centre window of the user interface.

The user interface design includes an options and tools tab which allows the user to open other pages and also to expand the environment node. The business intelligence development studio comes with different tools that the users can use to develop business intelligence solutions and tools can be used during all phases of development of the solution and management of the project. The tools of the software have been designed in such a way that the user can open different windows and manage multiple projects as a single unit. Hence the user can open the multiple projects in a single window to modify and view the properties of the project in one window.

The user can open other windows in the software which will allow the user to view search results and also to get detailed information about any messages of error as well as input information about the different projects that are currently being managed using the software.


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